22 Secrets of popularity on FB

Famous American blogger Robert Scoble shared tips on how to become popular on Facebook. Lifehacker publishes the translation of his article.

  1. Share three other people’s posts that reflect your interests. After that, your publication will receive more publications on this topic. If you like kittens, you will see more posts with kittens, if you like any gadgets, there will be more posts about gadgets.
  2. Write five of your own posts on the same topic. Then in your tape similar posts will become even more.
  3. Turn off as many privacy settings as possible. Let people subscribe to your profile, not just add you as a friend. Then post a few posts, and you’ll see that your audience has expanded significantly. Do not worry, you can still post posts that are visible only to friends. For each post, you can set privacy separately.
  4. Check the relevance of your biography and make it available to everyone. So it will be easier for colleagues and friends to find you.
  5. Add everyone to the “Close friends” or “Friends” lists. This will significantly improve the quality of your news feed. But do not forget that you will receive many notifications from close friends.
  6. Remove from friends those who do not post anything and do not comment. Why? Facebook first shows your post to a small number of people and watches what they will do with it. If your friends do not like to eat, do not share, do not comment and do not post anything themselves, it will affect your profile.
  7. Do not forget to put likes, leave comments and share posts of other people. So Facebook will learn to recognize what you like to see in the stream.
  8. Hide the posts you do not want to see. For example, all Selfi, quotes, memes – everything that makes us only more stupid. For each post, you can select the option “Hide publication” in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  9. Unsubscribe from too annoying. Even if it’s one of your friends or relatives. If you add them to a separate list of friends or acquaintances, you can still view their posts by clicking on the desired list.
  10. Check your activities at least once a month. Mark where you go, and where not. This will help make them more popular.
  11. Once a month, check all your settings. This is especially important for mobile applications. If you uninstall and reinstall the application, all your settings change to the default settings.
  12. Enable two-factor authentication, this will protect your profile from hacking.
  13. If you want to expand the circle of friends, publish at least 10 public posts. And they must reflect your hobbies. If you publish only your photos, do not be surprised that people do not agree to add you as a friend.
  14. Do not let others publish on your profile without permission.
  15. Get at least 400 friends.
  16. If you want to add friends to someone who already has 5,000 friends, you must have at least 50 common friends. If you want to add an ordinary person to your friends, remind them how you know him. Even better, if you have at least five common friends.
  17. Most of the content just does not reach you. If you want to see more posts from specific people, go to their profile at least once a week. And even better – add them to the list and browse their publications from there. All publications are visible in the lists, and only the most popular ones appear in your tape.
  18. When using the mobile application Facebook, be sure to specify your location. So the app will show you “friends nearby”.
  19. Post posts using Facebook’s built-in tools. Do not repost with Twitter or other sites.
  20. Respond to comments under your posts and comment on other users’ publications. Then they will want to comment on you, and this will make your profile more popular.
  21. You can customize the menu on the left the way you prefer. Click on the icons next to the menu items and drag them.
  22. Treat Facebook as a good meal. After all, you will not eat pasta without sauce? If you have only photos of your children and pets or only memes on the page, it’s like pasta without sauce. After all, do you have other interests? So show it.

How Does Facebook Work?

Some ways to get more likes, comments and outposts on Facebook

How to improve the page performance on Facebook and make the page more efficient. If you have already read our previous article “How Does Facebook Work?” What every page manager should know “, then read on. If you have not read this article, then we advise you to start with it, in order to better understand what indicators we are talking about here and why it is necessary to raise them.

In this article, you will learn what type of publication works best on Facebook. Knowing these small smm-secrets, call them rules for effective publications, will help you make your page more active and interesting for fans. These rules have been repeatedly confirmed by statistical results, so you can be sure that they actually work.

Remember: One photo costs a thousand words

Experts unanimously assert that publications with photography attract more attention and, accordingly, the involvement of such publications is higher by as much as 39%.

Why is this happening? We all know that the picture is worth a thousand words. So our brain is arranged that it is capable of processing images with enviable speed. Earlier this year, scientists from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) conducted research and found that a person needs only 13 milliseconds to process information from a single image. Agree that the text with such speed, we obviously will not handle!

Agency Kissmetrics, claims that photos receive 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more clicks than regular text publications. Statistics statistics, but from our own experience we know that not every photo can cause a good response from the public. It is very important that the image speaks for itself, that is 100% reflect the idea of the entire publication. Too general, vague photos work an order of magnitude worse.

we will give an example of a photograph that “speaks” much better and more clearly than the textual status itself, and apparently, therefore, the result turned out to be quite good.

we will step back a little from the topic, but since we brought this example, we want to talk about it. we would like to add that hashtags are, of course, good, but everything needs to know the measure …. especially the silly looking hashtags that do not carry any information, like (example from another publication all from the same page of Evelina Khromchenko) “#now # 1100 #calories #perday #justforyou # now # 1100 # calories in # day It turned out that 1300 calories for me – too much food … We reduce it slowly. “we do not see the meaning of their use here at all … So, pay attention, friends, to the words that you use as hashtags. Food for thought: hashtags work much worse on Facebook than on other social networks and, according to research, publications with hashtags receive fewer times the number of clicks on Facebook than, for example, tweets with hashtags. The fact is that Facebook users do not like hashtags and often they just annoy them, so if you use special hashtags created, for example, for a certain promotion, then do not overload them with the publication. Use one or two hashtags in one post.

Now let’s get back to our Facebook photo topic. In addition to publishing with one photo, Facebook has two other ways to publish visual content: photo albums and publications with multiple images. Let’s start with photo albums.

Photo Albums

In a study conducted by Wishpond, it is said that, compared to a conventional textual publication, the index of involvement in publications with photos is higher by 120%, and the involvement in photo albums reaches as much as 180%.

We experimented with photo albums on our pages and, to be honest, we can not boast of the same results. It is likely that the results were lower, since the albums were not published at the best time, ie, not at the time when we get the greatest coverage. Nevertheless, do not neglect the publication of albums, especially if you have a large number of high-quality photos.

We personally prefer another way of publishing images, which we will discuss below, since it is much more effective than single photos or photo albums.

Publications with multiple photos

Publish posts with several photos at once. Note that this is not a photo album, but a publication with several images at once. To make it easier to understand what I’m talking about, look at the screenshot of the publication, which uses three photos at once.

Diversify your publications

Despite the fact that photos work better than other types of posts, do not neglect other types of publications, for example, text updates, videos, as well as publication-links.

Make your page interesting so that your fans are not bored with the same type of publication. It is also necessary to strive for variation of publications because different types of publications appear differently in news feeds of page fans. Think about the Facebook algorithm and user preferences! If you forgot, then read here: How does Facebook decide what the user might like?

In addition to variations in the types of posts, the content of the publications themselves needs to be varied. A very common mistake page managers – the publication of a very narrow content profile. Most often these publications are directly related to what the company does. Tip: Try to go a little beyond your topic. Break away from the main theme of your business or page and think about what other information might be of interest to your fans.

Who said that the real estate agency has nothing to do on Facebook and that their publications will be necessarily boring? It does not matter which sector your company belongs to, the main thing is to approach the page management creatively, then your page will never bore your fans. Here is a good example from a foreign real estate agency Zillow. In their publication, they turn to the memories of fans of the page and are asked to share a post, if they remember when they had the first in their lives a separate room. For those who had to share one room with brothers and sisters – this is undoubtedly a memorable moment. Since such a publication affects the emotions of users, then the reaction to it turned out very much even nothing: 6,499 likes, 336 reposts and 93 comments.

Also remember that any publication made on your page should be “in the subject”, that is, match the marketing strategy of your page. Going beyond the general theme is very useful and, in most cases, helps to achieve excellent results and increase the reputation of your brand. Nevertheless, you should not go all out in the pursuit of likes and increasing coverage, publishing photos that are not relevant to your topic, seals and all sorts of mimes, which are already full of Internet. Even if you manage to collect several thousand likes on such a publication, this will not bring you any real results. Remember, about the purposes of your page, about which we spoke last time: Think, what do you need a page for Facebook?

By the way, we want to say two words about mimes. Facebook does not really respect them, and since it has a huge number of technologies for recognizing text, faces and images in your arsenal, then recognizing in your publication a mime, Facebook will send it as far as possible – into the depth of the news feed, because it considers this type of content to be substandard . Therefore, using Facebook, always think first and foremost about the quality of each of your publications, as they all pass through filters and this can significantly affect your results.

Be natural

Users come to Facebook to chat with friends and relax, so your publications should not look like regular advertising, otherwise your fans will simply unsubscribe from updates to your page. Be natural! The tone of your publications should be friendly and relaxed, but not in any way corporate.
By the way, American Express Company conducted a number of experiments that examined the user’s response to the use of emoticons in the publication of pages on Facebook. Thus, experts came to the conclusion that the use of emoticons in the posts of pages is very much welcomed by users. Such “emotional” publications receive 33% more outreach, 33% more comments and 57% more likes.

How to get more likes on facebook page?

Studies show that short-text publications work best and have greater involvement than large-text publications. Short posts are the lot of not only Twitter. This rule also applies to other social networks. Analyzing publications of different length, experts found that publications with text not exceeding 250 characters have an involvement of 60% higher than longer publications. The involvement of publications with no more than 80 characters is 66% higher.

Take note of this information, but do not forget that the most important thing for your publications to be interesting to users is the main goal of your page. The length of the text is already a secondary element.

Ask questions

People love when someone is interested in their opinion, and Facebook users are no exception.

An interesting study was conducted by the marketing agency Hubspot, which confirms that publications with a question receive 100% more comments, but fewer likes and rest. It, of course, is understandable – there is a question, there will be an answer. So ask interesting questions to users and they will happily pouchavstvuet in the discussion. Most importantly, the questions were not very complex, so that they could be answered easily and briefly. The more difficult the question, the less likely you will get the answers.

There is still such an interesting moment concerning Facebook questions. Closed questions such as “Would you like …”, “Which of …”, “Who …”, receive more reactions from users than open questions “What …”, “Where …”, and “How ..”. Why? Because the first questions are easier and faster to answer, while questions like “Why” and “How” require a longer and deliberate answer, which immediately repels, let’s say, “lazy” fans who do not want to bother.

Alternatively, you can ask questions about your business or organization. Conduct small marketing research on your Facebook page: fans will be pleased that you are interested in their opinion, well, and you will receive valuable information for free. Ask which product your fans prefer, ask them to come up with the name of the new service or choose the color of the new product.

Here is one good example from the page of the American hypermarket Walmart. In their publication, they ask users to choose two types of colored adhesive tape that they like more than others and leave their answer in the comments. Variants of the tape, which received more comments, will appear on the shelves of the store. The result of such a mini-campaign: 4,007 likes, 371 reposts and 10,695 comments! Undoubtedly, Walmart has a very large page with 34 million fans, but if you compare the results of this publication with others, it becomes clear that it is more successful than many other posts on the page. Walmart generally publishes very diverse content: information for customers, advice on choosing fruits and vegetables, shares recipes, often asks questions and asks about the preferences of customers. If Walmart publishes and so interesting content, then why the publication from the example collected more likes and comments than others? Yes, because, buyers are delighted when the company is interested in their opinion, especially since their comments can affect the result. Moral: friends, listen to your customers / fans of the page, let them feel their importance to you and they will surely pay back for your attention.

Publish quotes

Quotes are one of the effective ways to attract the attention of users. According to Quick Sprout, citations get 26% more likes and 19% more reposts than regular publications.

Choose quotes that have something to do with your company / brand or somehow represent your ideal client. Already talked about this in this article, but we will repeat, as it is very important. Everything that is published on your page should be relevant to your marketing strategy, because publishing an irrelevant content to your topic will never bring good results.

To confirm the above data, we will give an example all from the same page of the Savings Bank. Publications on their page collect an average of 100 likes, a few reposts and about 10 committees. While each quote published on the page gets results an order of magnitude higher, for example, in the photo below: 4,168 likes, 397 reposts and 81 comments. For comparison, we found a quote published 10 days earlier, where similar results are observed (3 760, 206, 44, respectively). So do not miss this opportunity and share interesting and relevant quotes with your audience.

If you are wondering why the quotes work so well, then we will share with you our reflections. First, the user identifies himself with clever text and, like in the case of inspirational quotes, he becomes better at heart and he wants to share this feeling with friends. Secondly, it’s no use to sharing smart thoughts, since such a post raises the authority of the user. And thirdly, there is no advertising material in this publication, which often repels users.

Tip: When you publish content on your Facebook page, consider if you were not the manager of your page, would you share this post with your friends? If the answer is negative, then think about how to improve this publication. If you ask this question every time and, most importantly, honestly and objectively respond to it, then your page will become much more successful. Believe and check;))

Use long links

Well, here, sort of, everything is clear and without extra words. Statistics show that short links, such as bit.ly, tiny url, etc., receive 3 times less clicks than full links. Why is this happening? Everything is very simple. People less trust short links, because the short link does not show where it will lead, if you click on it. Therefore, if you want users to click on a link, it’s better to share it with a full, rather than a shorter version.

8 Conduct competitions and promotions

If you want to get new fans and a little wake up old, then holding a small contest on your Facebook page will surely be able to help you. According to the companies Buffer and Socially Stacked, 35% of users become fans of the pages only for the sake of competitions, and 42% of users are hiding the page to learn about special offers, discounts and coupons.

9 Publish when your fans are online

This item will have to work well and experiment. In Facebook statistics there is information about the approximate time when your fans are on the network, so pay attention to this moment. Strongly rely on these data is not worth it, especially since this part of the statistics often fails. Try to publish at different times on different days of the week to understand at what time and on what days your publications receive more response from users. Pay attention also to the time of publication of pages of your competitors and try to publish at a different time.

10 Mark other pages in publications

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook has made a small change to its algorithm and now quoting other pages (using @PageName) can increase your coverage, since such a quote gives the chance that your publication will be shown to the fans of the page you cited.

Buy facebook fan page likes

We suggest that you creatively approach the design of content on Facebook and create a publication in the format “Notes”. For those who have forgotten what “Notes” are or want to refresh their knowledge, we suggest you read the article:

Facebook notes “in a new way”: for business and personal profiles

And ideas for creating your notes you will find in this article. We will be very happy if you tell us your options for using Notes and share them in the comments to this article.

# 1 Own blog in Facebook

If your business does not have its own blog, but you really would like to write cognitive articles, then you can easily do this on your business page on Facebook. Sometimes it happens that just does not have enough time to maintain and update the blog, but it is to maintain a business page.

In a full-fledged blog on the site, a couple of articles look somehow not solid. Blog on the site you need to constantly fill out, so that you get 2 or 3 articles a week. And on Facebook you can quite limit at least 1 article a week and this will be quite enough.

At the same time, you have the following options:

  • In full, state your thoughts. Long posts are rarely read, but to the article in the Note there will be no claims on the volume and number of letters;
  • Supplement them with an unlimited number of pictures;
  • Show your expertise in some matter;
  • “Zategat” through the dog @ other pages;
  • Feel like a journalist, leading your own column in the Facebook newspaper.

# 2 Promoting the announcements of articles from the blog on the Facebook page

And now imagine another situation, when you already have a full-fledged blog on the site and you want to bring more traffic to it. In this case, too, Notes will come to your rescue.

When one writes posts with a picture or video, it is difficult to stand out against the general background of similar publications. But Note on the style of design is different from the rest of the posts and looks very succinctly in the news feed and attracts the attention of the reader.

Load an attractive image, add an intriguing title to want to continue reading, and write a small podcast to your blog article.

The reader necessarily “bites” on such hooks, and to him to learn “what has all ended in the article”, provide a link in the style of “the sequel follows,” which, as you may have guessed, will lead to your blog.

# 3 Create a note with a list of products and services

If you have a business page, then, for sure, you have something to offer from services or products to your readers. I’m sure that you do this with the help of content or special blocks on the page. All this is good and even necessary! Nevertheless, using the Notes, you can write a full list of your products or a set of services and attach such a post at the top of your business page for everyone to see.

Do not forget about hyperlinks (up to 50 active hyperlinks can be added to 1 Note), emotional pictures that enhance the meaning of the text, as well as formatting styles. We have already talked about all this in the previous article.

Notes are very good for creating answers to frequently asked questions, instructions, important reminders, and anything. Can at least schedule your office to write

Unfortunately, the ability to fix a note at the top of the page is only possible for business pages. That is, for a personal profile this does not work, but you can save the link and then the note will appear in your Saved and you can easily find it.

# 4 Building links with business pages on Facebook

Notes can also help to build (build links) on Facebook. You can make mentions of other pages in Notes using the symbol “@”.

For example, type @ prosmm1 and you will have this page: https://www.facebook.com/prosmm1 You can, of course, do with the usual hyperlink. But the bonus in mentioning the page is that the admin will be notified that his resource was marked. And, perhaps, someday in his note or publication he will do the same.

We remind you that a business page can only mention other pages via @ page_name, but not user profiles. But for users of this restriction, no one can even mention pages, even other users of the social networks.

# 5 Weekly digest

Imagine that within a month you published a note a day on a certain topic. Then a good solution is to once a month or more often to digest the most interesting notes with hyper-links to them.

Each note has its own URL. To get the address, right-click on the date of the note and select “Copy link address”.

For online stores, these can be stocks, new arrivals, popular sales. For the media – important events of the past week, for the Facebook page of the mobile application – a list of achievements or updates of the product.

Notes like regular posts can be enjoyed, commented on and shared. Increase the coverage of your notes using reposts in thematic groups or in your profile.

Conclusions: Facebook is always one step ahead of other social networks. For small businesses – it’s a quick start and advertising, using a set of promotion and networking. Notes – a fairly powerful tool, and in skillful hands, it can give good results. In Facebook there is no limit to creativity

Facebook page likes hacks

The maximum involvement in Facebook receive posts written in the first person and containing a large number of photos, social expert expert Dan Zarrella found out.

As part of his research, the SM specialist studied over 1.3 million posts on 10,000 of the most “kid” pages on Facebook. As a result, Dan Zarrella found out that the number of likes, rassharivaniy and comments to the publication depends on the following indicators:

1) Type of post

The maximum number of rassharivaniy and likes in Facebook receives photo content, the largest number of comments – text materials. The least popular in all 3 criteria are the links

2) Length of the post

With regard to the length of the post, the greatest “maliciousness” is characterized by publications shorter than 100 characters, as well as materials with a length of 700-800 characters

3) The number of pronouns of the 1st person

The number of likes to the post is also affected by the frequency of using personal pronouns (I, us, us) and others referring to themselves (as a reliable source of information) for words. The more of them, the higher the involvement on Facebook. But on Twitter this tactic, according to Dan Zarrella, does not work.

4) Emotionally colored vocabulary

The next regularity discovered by the researcher is a small number of likes to posts, sustained in a neutral tone. If the publication does not contain any negative, or positive assessments or emotions, then it will leave readers indifferent. The maximum number of comments, according to Dan Zarella’s observations, collects sharply negative posts.

5) Time of day

The results of the study once again confirmed the influence of the time of day on the level of involvement of the post on Facebook. The later the material is published, the more he will collect the likes. The peak of involvement, according to Zarella, is at 18:00 by the number of rassharivany and at 20:00 by the number of likes.

6) Days of the week

The next time criterion for the involvement of the post on Facebook is the day of the week. In the United States, the largest number of likes get posts posted on weekends:

The results of the research on the previous 5 items seem to be, if not obvious, at least quite acceptable, but here is the conclusion of Dan Zarrella quite unexpected. While attendance of all sites on the weekend is falling, the involvement on Facebook is growing? Probably, it concerns only those most 10 thousand most popular pages with which people even during rest can not leave. Or it depends on the type of content on these pages: it is possible that entertainment content is most popular on weekends, while cognitive materials are enjoyed and scattered throughout the workweek.

Most liked facebook status

How to work with Facebook?

1. Engage users, and do not pick up the likes.

While the organic reach of the audience has not reached a minimum, you can still work on involving users. The strength of a social network is not in breadth of coverage, but in that it provides a platform for communicating with users.

2. Register custom pages

User accounts (local pages) are much more attractive than standard business pages. According to Authenticity Marketing, local pages have coverage 5 times larger than commercial ones, with the number of comments on them (the level of involvement) being 8 times higher, and the overall impact is estimated 40 times better.

3. Do not use Facebook as the main platform for communicating with the audience

If you rely on facebook or any other social network as the primary channel of communication with the audience (primary audience), you are mistaken.

Joe Lazauskas of Contently described it this way: “Making a bet on Facebook or Twitter as the main platform for influencing the audience is a useless undertaking”
In a few words, you can describe this graph in the following way: “the organic reach of the audience of business pages in Facebook is negligible”.

What is “organic coverage”? Facebook has the following definition: “The number of unique users who saw your post in the news feed or on your page, including people who saw it shared by their friends when they were lazy, commented on, or sent to their subscribers in as a response to a question or confirmation of an event. ”

Any interaction with your publications (no matter how little it is) is considered “organic coverage.”

The Social Ogilvy survey covered more than 100 pages of companies in Facebook with a total coverage of over 48,000,000 subscribers. How do these companies manage to promote their posts?

They are not all that smooth: by February 2014, their organic coverage has dropped to 6%. And for accounts with an audience of less than 500,000 subscribers, organic coverage was a negligible 2.11%. You yourself have encountered similar “coverage” when one of your subscribers (whom you hardly remember) was licking some brand (which you have not even heard of). Such indirect involvement (second-tier impression) can not even be characterized as coverage. However, this does not matter, since 2% can hardly be called coverage!

Then what is involvement? Perhaps, involvement is a more reliable characteristic of organic coverage? Not at all. As already mentioned, the engagement rate is extremely low – often less than 0.1%.

Nate Elliott of Forrester reports that the engagement rates of the audience in Facebook from leading brands reach 0.07%.

Marshall Mason in his report went further and formulated what everyone is afraid: “The organic coverage of the branded content published in Facebook tends to zero. It’s only a matter of time. ”

For example, KISSmetrics has about 19,000 facebook subscribers. Although at first glance it seems that this is a lot, but to increase the audience engagement rate by 3% it may take up to half a million.

Recognize that Facebook is useful, but has already reached the saturation point

Facebook since the launch was explosive growth. However, current data show that this growth may have reached its peak. According to the calculations of Shareaholic, the number of referrals of facebook in recent months began to decline.

And although there is still enough referral traffic coming from Facebook, these rates may start to decline.

Facebook targeting tips

Facebook is an extremely efficient paid traffic channel, which, however, must be tested.

From this guide you will find out which industries are suitable for promotion through PPC ads, how groups work for advertising on facebook and how to launch successful marketing campaigns on this network. Also, we’ll look at the most common mistakes made by marketers, and try to determine the most important factor on which the success of your ad depends.

Types of advertisements in facebook

There are three types of ads on Facebook:

  • Ads contained in the ad unit. They are cheap, but their CTR is low;
  • Advertising in the news line. It is expensive, but its CTR is high;
  • Advertisements in mobile news feed. They will need you to reach out to Facebook’s mobile users.

How to place an ad in Facebook and how it works

Advertising on Facebook is currently divided into several categories: advertising fan pages, advertising an offline landing page / site, messages on pages and user actions.

Facebook ads can be targeted by the following criteria: the user’s location, demographic parameters and information contained in his profile. Many of these “targeting” options are available exclusively on Facebook and will appear already at the first stage of setting up your advertising campaign.

After creating the ad, you define the advertising budget and the cost-per-click (CPC) or thousand impressions (CPM) of your ad.

Who needs to advertise the product on Facebook?

Many online or offline businesses will never use Facebook’s advertising opportunities simply because social traffic does not suit them.

Before embarking on the promotion of your product or service on Facebook, you should consider the cardinal difference between the advertising campaign in this social network from PPC- (Yandex .Direct, Google Adwords) and SEO-campaigns in search engines: Facebook shows targeted ads to specific users selected based on their account information and interests, and not according to search terms.

Such a marketing scheme is determined by the very essence of social networks: users appear in them to connect with friends, and not to buy goods. This moment distinguishes search advertising from social advertising.

Leadership skills and effective use of email marketing strategies will be the leading factors in choosing a social traffic channel for your business.
How to create a picture for advertising on social networks

The most important part of your ad is the image. You can create the most brilliant advertising texts in the world, but if the image does not attract the user’s attention, you will not get a single click on the ad, its CTR will tend to zero, and Facebook just will not show it. Therefore, before you advertise in the group in Facebook, select the appropriate pictures.

Do not use low quality images, publicly available free photos, or any images that are explicitly protected by a copyright icon. If your brand is not yet known worldwide, do not use your logo.

The best way for those who are interested in quality drawings and photographs for advertisements is to buy them in image banks, create them yourself or use images distributed under the Creative Commons license. Below you will find out what types of images “work” in Facebook ads are best and where they can be found.