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We suggest that you creatively approach the design of content on Facebook and create a publication in the format “Notes”. For those who have forgotten what “Notes” are or want to refresh their knowledge, we suggest you read the article:

Facebook notes “in a new way”: for business and personal profiles

And ideas for creating your notes you will find in this article. We will be very happy if you tell us your options for using Notes and share them in the comments to this article.

# 1 Own blog in Facebook

If your business does not have its own blog, but you really would like to write cognitive articles, then you can easily do this on your business page on Facebook. Sometimes it happens that just does not have enough time to maintain and update the blog, but it is to maintain a business page.

In a full-fledged blog on the site, a couple of articles look somehow not solid. Blog on the site you need to constantly fill out, so that you get 2 or 3 articles a week. And on Facebook you can quite limit at least 1 article a week and this will be quite enough.

At the same time, you have the following options:

  • In full, state your thoughts. Long posts are rarely read, but to the article in the Note there will be no claims on the volume and number of letters;
  • Supplement them with an unlimited number of pictures;
  • Show your expertise in some matter;
  • “Zategat” through the dog @ other pages;
  • Feel like a journalist, leading your own column in the Facebook newspaper.

# 2 Promoting the announcements of articles from the blog on the Facebook page

And now imagine another situation, when you already have a full-fledged blog on the site and you want to bring more traffic to it. In this case, too, Notes will come to your rescue.

When one writes posts with a picture or video, it is difficult to stand out against the general background of similar publications. But Note on the style of design is different from the rest of the posts and looks very succinctly in the news feed and attracts the attention of the reader.

Load an attractive image, add an intriguing title to want to continue reading, and write a small podcast to your blog article.

The reader necessarily “bites” on such hooks, and to him to learn “what has all ended in the article”, provide a link in the style of “the sequel follows,” which, as you may have guessed, will lead to your blog.

# 3 Create a note with a list of products and services

If you have a business page, then, for sure, you have something to offer from services or products to your readers. I’m sure that you do this with the help of content or special blocks on the page. All this is good and even necessary! Nevertheless, using the Notes, you can write a full list of your products or a set of services and attach such a post at the top of your business page for everyone to see.

Do not forget about hyperlinks (up to 50 active hyperlinks can be added to 1 Note), emotional pictures that enhance the meaning of the text, as well as formatting styles. We have already talked about all this in the previous article.

Notes are very good for creating answers to frequently asked questions, instructions, important reminders, and anything. Can at least schedule your office to write

Unfortunately, the ability to fix a note at the top of the page is only possible for business pages. That is, for a personal profile this does not work, but you can save the link and then the note will appear in your Saved and you can easily find it.

# 4 Building links with business pages on Facebook

Notes can also help to build (build links) on Facebook. You can make mentions of other pages in Notes using the symbol “@”.

For example, type @ prosmm1 and you will have this page: You can, of course, do with the usual hyperlink. But the bonus in mentioning the page is that the admin will be notified that his resource was marked. And, perhaps, someday in his note or publication he will do the same.

We remind you that a business page can only mention other pages via @ page_name, but not user profiles. But for users of this restriction, no one can even mention pages, even other users of the social networks.

# 5 Weekly digest

Imagine that within a month you published a note a day on a certain topic. Then a good solution is to once a month or more often to digest the most interesting notes with hyper-links to them.

Each note has its own URL. To get the address, right-click on the date of the note and select “Copy link address”.

For online stores, these can be stocks, new arrivals, popular sales. For the media – important events of the past week, for the Facebook page of the mobile application – a list of achievements or updates of the product.

Notes like regular posts can be enjoyed, commented on and shared. Increase the coverage of your notes using reposts in thematic groups or in your profile.

Conclusions: Facebook is always one step ahead of other social networks. For small businesses – it’s a quick start and advertising, using a set of promotion and networking. Notes – a fairly powerful tool, and in skillful hands, it can give good results. In Facebook there is no limit to creativity