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22 Secrets of popularity on FB

Famous American blogger Robert Scoble shared tips on how to become popular on Facebook. Lifehacker publishes the translation of his article.

  1. Share three other people’s posts that reflect your interests. After that, your publication will receive more publications on this topic. If you like kittens, you will see more posts with kittens, if you like any gadgets, there will be more posts about gadgets.
  2. Write five of your own posts on the same topic. Then in your tape similar posts will become even more.
  3. Turn off as many privacy settings as possible. Let people subscribe to your profile, not just add you as a friend. Then post a few posts, and you’ll see that your audience has expanded significantly. Do not worry, you can still post posts that are visible only to friends. For each post, you can set privacy separately.
  4. Check the relevance of your biography and make it available to everyone. So it will be easier for colleagues and friends to find you.
  5. Add everyone to the “Close friends” or “Friends” lists. This will significantly improve the quality of your news feed. But do not forget that you will receive many notifications from close friends.
  6. Remove from friends those who do not post anything and do not comment. Why? Facebook first shows your post to a small number of people and watches what they will do with it. If your friends do not like to eat, do not share, do not comment and do not post anything themselves, it will affect your profile.
  7. Do not forget to put likes, leave comments and share posts of other people. So Facebook will learn to recognize what you like to see in the stream.
  8. Hide the posts you do not want to see. For example, all Selfi, quotes, memes – everything that makes us only more stupid. For each post, you can select the option “Hide publication” in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  9. Unsubscribe from too annoying. Even if it’s one of your friends or relatives. If you add them to a separate list of friends or acquaintances, you can still view their posts by clicking on the desired list.
  10. Check your activities at least once a month. Mark where you go, and where not. This will help make them more popular.
  11. Once a month, check all your settings. This is especially important for mobile applications. If you uninstall and reinstall the application, all your settings change to the default settings.
  12. Enable two-factor authentication, this will protect your profile from hacking.
  13. If you want to expand the circle of friends, publish at least 10 public posts. And they must reflect your hobbies. If you publish only your photos, do not be surprised that people do not agree to add you as a friend.
  14. Do not let others publish on your profile without permission.
  15. Get at least 400 friends.
  16. If you want to add friends to someone who already has 5,000 friends, you must have at least 50 common friends. If you want to add an ordinary person to your friends, remind them how you know him. Even better, if you have at least five common friends.
  17. Most of the content just does not reach you. If you want to see more posts from specific people, go to their profile at least once a week. And even better – add them to the list and browse their publications from there. All publications are visible in the lists, and only the most popular ones appear in your tape.
  18. When using the mobile application Facebook, be sure to specify your location. So the app will show you “friends nearby”.
  19. Post posts using Facebook’s built-in tools. Do not repost with Twitter or other sites.
  20. Respond to comments under your posts and comment on other users’ publications. Then they will want to comment on you, and this will make your profile more popular.
  21. You can customize the menu on the left the way you prefer. Click on the icons next to the menu items and drag them.
  22. Treat Facebook as a good meal. After all, you will not eat pasta without sauce? If you have only photos of your children and pets or only memes on the page, it’s like pasta without sauce. After all, do you have other interests? So show it.

Facebook targeting tips

Facebook is an extremely efficient paid traffic channel, which, however, must be tested.

From this guide you will find out which industries are suitable for promotion through PPC ads, how groups work for advertising on facebook and how to launch successful marketing campaigns on this network. Also, we’ll look at the most common mistakes made by marketers, and try to determine the most important factor on which the success of your ad depends.

Types of advertisements in facebook

There are three types of ads on Facebook:

  • Ads contained in the ad unit. They are cheap, but their CTR is low;
  • Advertising in the news line. It is expensive, but its CTR is high;
  • Advertisements in mobile news feed. They will need you to reach out to Facebook’s mobile users.

How to place an ad in Facebook and how it works

Advertising on Facebook is currently divided into several categories: advertising fan pages, advertising an offline landing page / site, messages on pages and user actions.

Facebook ads can be targeted by the following criteria: the user’s location, demographic parameters and information contained in his profile. Many of these “targeting” options are available exclusively on Facebook and will appear already at the first stage of setting up your advertising campaign.

After creating the ad, you define the advertising budget and the cost-per-click (CPC) or thousand impressions (CPM) of your ad.

Who needs to advertise the product on Facebook?

Many online or offline businesses will never use Facebook’s advertising opportunities simply because social traffic does not suit them.

Before embarking on the promotion of your product or service on Facebook, you should consider the cardinal difference between the advertising campaign in this social network from PPC- (Yandex .Direct, Google Adwords) and SEO-campaigns in search engines: Facebook shows targeted ads to specific users selected based on their account information and interests, and not according to search terms.

Such a marketing scheme is determined by the very essence of social networks: users appear in them to connect with friends, and not to buy goods. This moment distinguishes search advertising from social advertising.

Leadership skills and effective use of email marketing strategies will be the leading factors in choosing a social traffic channel for your business.
How to create a picture for advertising on social networks

The most important part of your ad is the image. You can create the most brilliant advertising texts in the world, but if the image does not attract the user’s attention, you will not get a single click on the ad, its CTR will tend to zero, and Facebook just will not show it. Therefore, before you advertise in the group in Facebook, select the appropriate pictures.

Do not use low quality images, publicly available free photos, or any images that are explicitly protected by a copyright icon. If your brand is not yet known worldwide, do not use your logo.

The best way for those who are interested in quality drawings and photographs for advertisements is to buy them in image banks, create them yourself or use images distributed under the Creative Commons license. Below you will find out what types of images “work” in Facebook ads are best and where they can be found.