To do:

Avatar: own photo, better professional, better, if this person with some distinctive feature – in public people this is called stigmata (a tube, a cap, a special hairstyle). You can take some unusual position, which differs from the generally accepted standard, but does not hide the face. Not bad allocates bright color of any detail on a photo (the clown nose on a pretty girl’s face – this is exactly remembered).

Profile: a clear and understandable profile with all the information you need (complimentary). The more details in your profile, the more confidence you will have from the necessary contacts.

Wallpapers: playground. You can change the situation: you can promote what you need now – something that attracts attention and somehow characterizes you or illustrates some event in your or social life.

Do not do:

Avatar: we would not recommend putting a photo in full growth, with a partner or a child – the personality dissolves, decreases and is lost. we also do not recommend changing the avatar frequently – your subscribers should remember you.
Profile: if you want to be taken seriously, do not joke about describing who you are (President of the Universe, etc.).

Wallpapers: Do not put yourself in the same pose.

2. Posts

To do: Choose the main topic that will be revealed by posts. The texts should correspond to the image you are trying to create. In our case, these are posts about marketing and PR, about our main job, coaching activities, our columns and personal (cat, travel, daughter, adventure, something interesting). Each picture is better to accompany a small, but a story. If I’m at a party, then what happened was funny and interesting. If I’m at the forum, then what quote and which speaker struck me the most. FB better rated not reposty, but your own texts. So do not be shy. Write. Competently, sensibly and clearly. And yes, if you are not yet a top blogger, posts are better to illustrate – so they have more chances to attract attention.

Especially we want to draw your attention to the main positioning rule – the rule of five “W” (who, what, why, when, where). Remember about it, making posts for social networks.

Of course, it’s just necessary to have regularity and consistency (one or two posts a day more than enough).

Do not do: By publishing something in your account, use the rule that we call “our grandmother smokes a pipe.” In other words, who is interested in it (that your “grandmother is smoking a pipe”)? we wonder whether your subscribers, what kind of salad did you eat at the restaurant? Is it interesting to them, in which toilet do you like most of all yourself, making selfies? Are they interested in what you are publishing? This principle applies to everything – and photos, and reposts, and postcards.


To do: Repost something that fits your main theme. In each repost it is better to give an explanation of why you think this article, postcard or blog is interesting and useful for your subscribers. Best of all, if it’s a small story, answering the question, “why did we repost this?”

Do not do: Do not repost everything – even if it all seems interesting to you. Even if your reposts are viewed, you are unlikely to get a reaction to them, and you will hardly be perceived as an expert in some separate and, sadly, important topic for you.

A few more tips:

  • If you refer in your post to an event, tell in brief (or give a link) what is at issue. For those who do not know what you are talking about, your post will become news.
  • we would not go in the general flow – try not to write about what everyone writes about, until you become a real crowbar (the leader of public opinion).
  • The best way to get attention and repost is a good and subtle humor.
  • How to check who really reads you, – tell about something very personal, attaching a touching photo to the post. For example, about the disease. And see who and how will react. Or ask for really necessary help.
  • The more you have in the leaders of opinion leaders, the more you are the leader of opinions.

And a few Do Not Do:

  • It’s better not to be added to friends without first explaining why you are doing this.
  • Do not confirm the franking, if you do not know from whom the request came and why – so the “great” FB-bloggers collect their audience. You are not interested in them, they are friends, unsubscribe from updates and count on your reaction. Even worse, when you are friends and after some time removed from friends, sending automatically to subscribers, and thus collecting a pool of subscribers.
  • Do not do anything forcibly, without the consent of a person. Do not include it in groups – invite, but do not turn it on.
  • Likes Remember that all your actions are visible to all subscribers. Therefore, very consciously and selectively approach everything that you react with this or that action. And yet, to like their own posts – something in this is from self-satisfaction, we think.
  • It should be clearly understood that everything you wrote online, even in a personal message, even in a very closed group, is not your information anymore. It belongs to the Universe, and the Universe with it (quite possibly, with the hands of your friends) can do whatever it pleases. Therefore, accuracy and caution – first of all.

Building a personal brand in FB is a very important element of the system of building a personal brand, and the key word in everything said above is the system. Good luck!